Monday, December 22, 2014

Selayang Springs Condominium (Damar Block) - Current status

According to the latest report published by the National Housing Department, Selayang Springs which has been under abandoned housing project category since 22 April 2014, now is part of 33 abandoned housing projects in recovery plan. Meaning, the department is in the process of identifying able developers to rescue the projects. Below the screenshot captured:

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Setapak Green - Sebelum Ubahsuai

Gambar unit kami sebelum kerja ubahsuai dilakukan...sebab ada yang bertanya macamana rupa asal unit selepas post ahad lepas. Kalau tak silap, gambar-gambar ini diambil semasa kami dibawa oleh agen rumah dan tuan asal melawat ke unit ini. Cinta pandang pertama...terus setuju untuk beli.
Pintu masuk dan dapur kering
Ruang tamu dan makan

Lorong menuju ke tempat beradu...
Bilik utama...

Bilik kedua
Bilik ketiga

2 tandas..
Dapur kering

Dapur basah...err, mane dapurnye?

Tandas di dapur

Bilik stor atau bibik

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Setapak Green

It's been my toughest moment in making the decision to purchase this property. In order to buy this condo unit, I need to sell off my new Civic (10 months), settled my loans with staff co-ops and earlier housing loans in Tg.Malim. Despite all these, I still believe that am making the right decision to own this house. After all, it's near to my office (just 7 km away) and in KL city centre. Now, it's almost a year we stay in this condo and so far so good, everything well maintained and friendly neighbours. The only sad thing is that, we have to let go our old house (Diamond Regency) which nearby, just a walking distance from Setapak Green.

Cowboy in action...

3 bridges link the car park and the main buidling.

Roof top garden (level 8 of car park)

Swimming pool at the ground floor


Welcome to our unit...

View from our balcony.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Langkawi will always in my heart..

Just love to be here...and always looking forward to come again.

Chenang Beach...popular among the tourist and the local

Near Awana Porto Malai

Ferry service from Kuala Perlis to Kuah, Langkawi

Gunung Mat Cincang, 2nd highest mountain in Langkawi and home for the famous cable car. The mountain earmarked as one of the sites within the Langkawi Geopark development. Enjoy spectacular view of the island from the platform but the sky bridge is still under maintenance and upgrading. Another attraction launched recently is the Sky Dome which give visitor 360-degree view while watching animated films.

Telaga Harbour Marina, a gatewat and destination for the many yatchs plying the region.

Island have a chance to watch the king of the skies (eagles) and observe as they dive to catch the chicken bits, relax and dip your feet into the water at the famous Pulau Dayang Bunting and stop by at the Beras Basah Island.

Pulau Dayang Bunting

Dataran Lang or Eagle Square...sight where a large sculpture of an eagle poised to take flight that greets visitors to the island via ferry fresh and affordable

Place to buy some chocolates, cigar and kitchen utensil..