Sunday, December 14, 2014

Setapak Green

It's been my toughest moment in making the decision to purchase this property. In order to buy this condo unit, I need to sell off my new Civic (10 months), settled my loans with staff co-ops and earlier housing loans in Tg.Malim. Despite all these, I still believe that am making the right decision to own this house. After all, it's near to my office (just 7 km away) and in KL city centre. Now, it's almost a year we stay in this condo and so far so good, everything well maintained and friendly neighbours. The only sad thing is that, we have to let go our old house (Diamond Regency) which nearby, just a walking distance from Setapak Green.

Cowboy in action...

3 bridges link the car park and the main buidling.

Roof top garden (level 8 of car park)

Swimming pool at the ground floor


Welcome to our unit...

View from our balcony.

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